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Iteration 2: Haunt the House

Take at look at this version of the grid. In this version the house has become a haunted mansion with spooky sights and sounds. By now, I realize I am making an escape room. I wrote a back-story in this version to set it up. Next, I will hide clues in the rooms for the players to find to solve the mystery. This started out as play and working backwards I see that I've ended up with a viable idea for a product. This idea could be translated into a training module. Now I would just need some training content. It would be creative fun to find ways to bind the training content with the back-story and additional haunt-themed game-features.…

Iteration 1: Walk through a House

The next step was to create a more complicated grid. View this version of the 5 x 5 grid.  I'm not completely sure where I'm going with this, but I have an idea I want to explore. At this point, I would say my main interest is in "navigating a place" but I have a couple "places" in mind that I might explore. It could be a forest, a park, a city-scape, or a map, or it could be a building or someplace indoors. From these options, I think I want to imitate "walking through a large house." 

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