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ABOUT THE PROJECT:  I love board games and wanted to incorporate a board game theme into an eLearning module.

View module: Who Killed Office Morale? Find the Clues to Solve the Murder Mystery

THE DESIGN: The content-goal of this was to teach management concepts using a game that was fun to play. I had already created a comic book that was serious. This time I wanted to create something light-hearted, upbeat and fun. So, I went for color! Bright colors, movement, attractive graphics that were attractive to look at. The Clue characters were designed by Arturo Aguirre, who is a freelance graphic artist from Guatemala. He redesigned the cast of characters from Clue, the board game. The characters’ clothing and hairstyles are from a french colonial era. He is an amazing graphic artist. I liked the playfulness of the design and incorporated his characters into my scenario.

FEATURES: I wanted the game play to imitate the mechanics of the board game Clue, which is essentially a tracking and elimination game. I created an interactive score card which the players could use to keep track of the clues as they discovered them. Training modules typically require the learner to go step-by-step through a training pathway. I wanted to free up the learner to have more choices in the direction and pacing of the learning. For example, learners decide which order to visit the rooms on the map. They can jump immediately to making an accusation whenever they want. But just as in the real game, doing so could mean that they guess too soon, before they have gathered enough clues to solve the mystery. I treat this lightly on purpose. Since the goal is not to remember what Miss Scarlet said about the complaint box, rather, it is for the learner to become familiar with what employees need to thrive in the workplace.

THE DESIGN PROCESS: I used Adobe Photoshop to create the silhouette-style graphics, and Adobe Illustrator to modify this colorful vector graphic in the comic style from freepic. Background vector created by Freepik. The background graphic brought it all together for me. I really like the look and feel of the pages.

RESEARCH I had listened to an audiobook of 12: The Elements of Great Management written by Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter and thought it would make good content for a learning module. I found a great synopsis of the 12 Elements online which I used to write the copy for the content pages.

TOOLS USED: Articulate 360, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

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