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In 2017 we developed four professional development courses for the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). Each course will be offered to OSPE members and other engineers around Ohio. Our customers are not part of the Ohio University network. The four courses were as follows:

  1. Diesel Vehicle Emissions, Efficiency, and Future Pathways Engineering Ethics
  2. VW—Engineering Breakdown or System Failure—Lessons Learned
  3. Engineering Your Leadership
  4. Business Model Design


Each course must contain at least 60 minutes of content. OSPE required a proof of presence, which can be as simple as a confirmatory click at the end of a video in order to release the next one. Each course had to include the following:

  1. Overview (including an abstract and learning objectives)
  2. Lecturer Bio
  3. Instructions
  4. Course Videos (at least 60 minutes)
  5. Evaluation
  6. Auto-generating Certificate



I managed the team of instruction designers who worked with faculty to develop these courses. In addition to this I worked specifically on the “Business Model Design” course. There were nine videos for this course, one for each part of the Business Model Canvas. Each video has two parts: (a) the professor’s Introduction and (b) a graduate student’s discussion of her student project. The presentation was to be animated, using some sort of “Explainer” video software. I developed all the motion graphics and animated “explainer videos” for the course.

TOOLS: I created the graphics using Adobe Photoshop. I draw illustrations “live” onscreen using a Wacom tablet and recorded the screen using Camtasia.

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