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The client for this project was the United States Coast Guard. The Marine Inspector Performance Support Architecture (MIPSA) effort includes 22 sub-projects.  The scope, complexity, and specific contract requirements defined in the Performance Work Statement (PWS) drive our approach to completing each particular project. The Alternative Inspection Programs (AIP) is an overarching “umbrella” of programs which provide alternatives to commercial vessels and owners to Coast Guard personnel conducting any/all inspections.  Programs which provide alternatives include Alternate Compliance Program (ACP), Maritime Security Program (MSP and MSP Select), and Towing Safety Management Systems (TSMS).

This project entailed developing Self-Paced eLearning courses for ACP, MSP, and TSMS.  Additionally, selected job aids are desired.  Potentially, updating 840 books and making interactive and accessible electronically.  Mention was made that there is an initiative to provide iPads to all MI performers, but this is notional.

There were no existing resident training courses for these three performance areas.  However, TSMS is a multi-day component of the existing Marine Inspector course at Training Center Yorktown.  Performers currently use CG-840 books, USCG Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC) Mission Management System (MMS) Work Instruction (WI) and other policy guidance and Federal Regulations for reference and guidance.

The target population for these interventions are Apprentice Marine Inspectors (AMI) and Journeyman Marine Inspectors (JMI) which are the common field terms for these roles.  AMI personnel are typically Junior Commissioned Officers (01-03) and Warrant Officers (W2).  JMI personnel are typically Junior Commissioned Officers (01-03), Warrant Officers (W3-4), and Civil Servants (GS-11/12) and have 4+ major qualifications and 3+ years of performance as a Marine Inspector.

I designed and developed self-paced eLearning (SPeL) for the United States Coast Guard Marine Inspector under the Marine Inspector Performance Support Architecture (MIPSA) contract. I developed training and assessments for two courses: Verifying Officer and Firefighting. This was a systems-based course and a project management course for new construction/modification using Articulate Storyline. I created structured on-the-job training (SOJT) materials, performance test checklist (PTC), and coach’s guide as companions to the SPeL. I met with SMEs to identify relevant information for the training. I analyzed information to determine instructional strategies, evaluation methods, and media selection. I implemented SCORM and Section 508 compliance into courseware.

Articulate Storyline, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

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