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Alien Invasion

Link to the Storyline Module:

See An Alien Invasion – built with Articulate Storyline

The Idea:

I think it’s important (sometimes) to play. This was (and is) just for fun – an attempt to design in the style of a “florescent paint set” from my childhood. 

The intro uses abstract line art from, but it needed a title. I thought “An Alien Invasion” fit the style.

I added a nav-menu I had built a while ago, but re-styled it in a “florescent/sci-fi” theme.  Then I forgot about it for a year, until … 

The “Storm Area 51” story was in the news for a while in 2020. Some people were taking it pretty seriously. Others were clearly having fun. Eventually, I added some vintage “alien/ufo” content.

Roswell, New Mexico, was had been the location of an alleged UFO crash site and cover-up in 1947.
I wondered if I could use a pop-culture/ sci-fi theme to present training on a topic. 

See an Alien Invasion – built with Articulate Storyline


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