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Idea: Place

The Idea: How to create an immersive experience using Articulate Storyline? That is, how do you give the illusion that you are located in a physical environment that completely surrounds you, so that you feel like you are inside it and part of it? We exist in place and time in bodily form. We are not stationary creatures, for we have the power of movement, and can navigate our location in space. Using a tool like Articulate Storyline, could I create a digital space that imitated how we experience the real world? As a kid, the board games that appealed to me most were those with elaborate visual themes. Themed-games are the ones that give you the illusion that you…

Iteration 2: Haunt the House

Take at look at this version of the grid. In this version the house has become a haunted mansion with spooky sights and sounds. By now, I realize I am making an escape room. I wrote a back-story in this version to set it up. Next, I will hide clues in the rooms for the players to find to solve the mystery. This started out as play and working backwards I see that I've ended up with a viable idea for a product. This idea could be translated into a training module. Now I would just need some training content. It would be creative fun to find ways to bind the training content with the back-story and additional haunt-themed game-features.…

Iteration 1: Walk through a House

The next step was to create a more complicated grid. View this version of the 5 x 5 grid.  I'm not completely sure where I'm going with this, but I have an idea I want to explore. At this point, I would say my main interest is in "navigating a place" but I have a couple "places" in mind that I might explore. It could be a forest, a park, a city-scape, or a map, or it could be a building or someplace indoors. From these options, I think I want to imitate "walking through a large house." 

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