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Imitate Good Stuff

View a first version of a scrolling dialogue on a topic

View a second version of scrolling dialogue on Giving Feedback. 

Nicky Case developed this game on Anxiety Disorder: 

This game-like experience is hard to categorize, but is best described as an “explorable explanation.” This term was coined in 1994 by Peter

 Brusilovsky, professor of Information Science and Intelligent Systems at the University of Pittsburg. As Wikipedia puts it, “Explorable explanations encourage users to discover things about the concept for themselves, and test their expectations of its behavior against its actual behavior, promoting a more active form of learning than reading or listening.” To say it more simply, if not too simply, it refers to “learning through play.” The term was popularized in 2011 by Bret Victor in a blog post of the same name ( Some board games that use “worker placement” strategies or “machine building” to achieve a goal can be thought of as “explorable explanations” in that players learn as they play. 

I don’t pretend to have created (0r even simulated) an “explorable explanation” here. I simply liked how the learner navigates through Case’s game-experience using keyboard input. It seems to flow more naturally than clicking the mouse. So, using Articulate Storyline, I experimented with simple keyboard navigation. Below are two versions using the same navigational flow. 


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