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Getting Up Early

About four years ago I started getting up an hour earlier in the morning. In the early morning our house is quiet. I love to just sit and listen to the silence. It's like a healing peace. Sometimes dreams linger in my head and I work through them. They linger and color our mood. What are dreams? Where do they come from? What sort of toxins get into our brain that are expelled through these night visions? Is it just the cares of life? Emotions working out their vibrations, rippling out from our sub-conscious? Whatever they are, paying attention to them for a few minutes in the morning gets me past whatever they meant to tell me. Getting up early…

Coffee: A Designer’s Best Friend

I didn't start drinking coffee until I was older. And then, only on Saturdays because it would help me get lots of stuff done by working all day. These days I start everyday with a hot cup of coffee. I can't believe how much I look forward to it. I think about it the night before. I set the pot up and get everything ready in anticipation of the next morning when I will have my first comforting sip. And I wonder why it took me so long and how I made it through college and graduate school without coffee. But coffee changed somewhere along the way. It got luxurious and wonderful. Back in the day I never heard of…

Why do some days seem like you run out of time before you get everything done?

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